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In 2004 Big Finish Productions were granted a licence by Dan Curtis Productions to make original audio drama productions based on the original run of the Dark Shadows televison series that ran from 1966 to 1971.

Full Cast Edit

As a continuation of the original 1966-1971 daytime series, the full-cast audio dramas take place at the beginning of the 1980's, a decade after we last saw the present-day characters, and before the audio drama Return to Collinwood. David Selby, Lara Parker, John Karlen and Kathryn Leigh Scott all reprise their roles from the television series. Andrew Collins has been cast in the pivotal role of Barnabas Collins. Additional cast members from televised episodes include: Nancy Barrett, Robert Rodan, Jerry Lacy, Lysette Anthony, Alec Newman, James Storm and Marie Wallace. The second series also featured screen legend David Warner as the main antagonist. The two series of full cast audio dramas were produced by Stuart Manning.

Title Author Released
1.1 The House of Despair Stuart Manning November 2006
1.2 The Book of Temptation Scott Handcock November 2006
1.3 The Christmas Presence Scott Handcock January 2007
1.4 The Rage Beneath Scott Alan Woodard January 2007
2.1 Kingdom of the Dead, Part One Stuart Manning
Eric Wallace
July 2010
2.2 Kingdom of the Dead, Part Two August 2010
2.3 Kingdom of the Dead, Part Three September 2010
2.4 Kingdom of the Dead, Part Four October 2010

Bloodlust Miniseries Edit

A 13-part serial that sees Collinsport ripped apart by a brutal murder. The series stars original Dark Shadows actors Jerry Lacy, Lara Parker, Kathryn Leigh Scott, David Selby and Marie Wallace alongside Lachele Carl, Scott Haran, Alec Newman and Matthew Waterhouse. The series was produced by Joseph Lidster & David Darlington.

Title Author Released
0 Snowflake Joseph Lidster 31 October 2014
1 Bloodlust, Episode One Alan Flanagan
Will Howells
Joseph Lidster
9 January 2015
2 Bloodlust, Episode Two 13 January 2015
3 Bloodlust, Episode Three 16 January 2015
4 Bloodlust, Episode Four 20 January 2015
5 Bloodlust, Episode Five 23 January 2015
6 Bloodlust, Episode Six 27 January 2015
7 Bloodlust, Episode Seven 29 January 2015
8 Bloodlust, Episode Eight 3 February 2015
9 Bloodlust, Episode Nine 6 February 2015
10 Bloodlust, Episode Ten 10 February 2015
11 Bloodlust, Episode Eleven 13 February 2015
12 Bloodlust, Episode Twelve 17 February 2015
13 Bloodlust, Episode Thirteen 20 February 2015

Dramatic Readings Edit

Darkshadowsbeneaththeveil1 image large

Promotional image for 2013 run.

The general ambition of the Dramatic Readings is to tell stories using at least one character that appeared in the original 1966-1971 daytime series. A typical release in the range uses just two actors, a musical score and, foley work and sound design, making the end result sit somewhere between an audio book and a full-cast drama. All the plays add to the main characters' televised continuities.

In general, the Dramatic Readings have a fairly standard format. They usually comprise one 60 minute episode, with the emphasis of the story being on the interaction between whichever two actors of that feature. Earlier releases in the range often would have one of the actors perform any other characters that appear. For example, in Echoes of Insanity, John Karlen also provides the voice for Dr. Julia Hoffman as Willie Loomis recalls a particular encounter with that character. As the series has developed there has been a tendency for every character that appears to be voiced by a separate actor. This ranges from three actors appearing in Dress Me In Dark Dreams to Beyond the Grave which features twenty-one. Another example would be The House by the Sea, which contrives a reason why other characters are being imitated, as events are being dictated by the character featured, for the purposes of an audio recording.

Each play can be listened to as self-contained story whilst also linking into the continuity of the TV series. For example, the Leviathan mythos, which featured in televised episodes, is further explored in Curse of the Pharaoh and The Crimson Pearl. Occasionally plot threads between plays link into each other. The events of The Skin Walkers are referred to in Operation Victor. Some plays form loose story arcs. The ongoing story of the Trask family links The Wicked and the Dead, The Carrion Queen, The Poisoned Soul and The Fall of the House of Trask together. Other plays expand upon the known fates of their principal characters. For instance, Josette Collins’ life after her death in 1795 is told across Final Judgement and The Lost Girl. A developing alliance between Tony Peterson and Cassandra Collins features in The Death Mask, The Voodoo Amulet and The Phantom Bride.

Release 1 to 14 are produced by Stuart Manning, 15 to 32 are produced by James Goss & Joseph Lidster, 33 and onwards are produced by Joseph Lidster & David Darlington. The following is a complete table of all the plays released to date:

Title Author Featuring Released
1 Angelique's Descent: Innocence Lara Parker Angelique Collins August 2007
2 Angelique's Descent: Betrayal Lara Parker Angelique Collins August 2007
3 Clothes of Sand Stuart Manning Maggie Evans July 2008
4 The Ghost Watcher Stuart Manning Maggie Evans July 2008
5 The Skin Walkers Scott Handcock Quentin Collins
Angelique Collins
November 2008
6 The Path of Fate Stephen Mark Rainey Angelique Collins
Quentin Collins
November 2008
7 The Wicked and the Dead Eric Wallace Gregory Trask
Carl Collins
January 2009
8 Echoes of Insanity D. Lynn Smith Willie Loomis
Angelique Collins
July 2009
9 Curse of the Pharaoh Stephen Mark Rainey Carolyn Stoddard September 2009
10 Final Judgement D. Lynn Smith Angelique Collins
Josette DuPres Collins
February 2010
11 Blood Dance Stephen Mark Rainey Quentin Collins April 2010
12 The Night Whispers Stuart Manning Barnabas Collins
Willie Loomis
June 2010
13 London's Burning Joseph Lidster Quentin Collins June 2010
14 The Doll House James Goss Jenny Collins
Beth Chavez
July 2010
15 The Blind Painter Jonathan Morris Charles Delaware Tate May 2011
16 The Death Mask Mark Thomas Passmore Tony Peterson
Cassandra Collins
May 2011
17 The Creeping Fog Simon Guerrier Quentin Collins June 2011
18 The Carrion Queen Lizzie Hopley Gregory Trask
Angelique Collins
June 2011
19 The Poisoned Soul James Goss Charity Trask July 2011
20 The Lost Girl D. Lynn Smith Josette DuPres Collins July 2011
21 The Crimson Pearl James Goss
Joseph Lidster
various August 2011
22 The Voodoo Amulet Mark Thomas Passmore Tony Peterson
Cassandra Collins
February 2012
23 The House by the Sea James Goss none March 2012
24 Dress Me In Dark Dreams Marty Ross Edith Collins
Judith Collins
April 2012
25 The Eternal Actress Nev Fountain Amanda Harris May 2012
26 The Fall of the House of Trask Joseph Lidster Charity Trask
Gregory Trask
June 2012
27 Operation Victor Jonathan Morris Quentin Collins July 2012
28 Speak No Evil Scott Handcock Tad Collins August 2012
29 The Last Stop David Llewellyn Tony Peterson September 2012
30 Dreaming of the Water Kymberly Ashman Sebastian Shaw October 2012
31 The Haunted Refrain Aaron Lamont Quentin Collins January 2013
32 A Collinwood Christmas Lizzie Hopley Jamison Collins December 2012
33 The Phantom Bride Mark Thomas Passmore Tony Peterson
Cassandra Collins
May 2013
34 Beneath the Veil Kymberly Ashman Eve July 2013
35 The Enemy Within Will Howells Cyrus Longworth
Sabrina Jennings
July 2013
36 The Lucifer Gambit Eric Wallace Amy Jennings August 2013
37 The Flip Side Cody Quijano-Schell Carolyn Stoddard September 2013
38 Beyond the Grave Aaron Lamont Maggie Evans October 2013
39 Curtain Call David Lemon Leticia Faye January 2014
40 The Harvest of Souls James Goss Gerald Conway
Maggie Evans
February 2014
41 The Happier Dead Adam Usden Amy Jennings March 2014
42 Carriage of the Damned Alan Flanagan Sabrina Jennings
Hallie Stokes
April 2014
43 The Devil Cat Mark Thomas Passmore Tony Peterson
Cassandra Collins
May 2014
44 The Darkest Shadow Nev Fountain Quentin Collins
Amanda Harris
July 2014
45 Panic Roy Gill Quentin Collins May 2015
46 The Curse of Shurafa Rob Morris Barnabas Collins June 2015
47 In The Twinkling Of An Eye Penelope Faith July 2015
48 Deliver Us From Evil Aaron Lamont October 2015
49 Tainted Love Daniel Collard September 2015
50 And Red All Over... Cody Schell Maggie Haskell
Burke Devlin
October 2015

Special Releases Edit

Title Author Released
1 The Legend Reborn Stuart Manning & Joseph Fox May 2007
2 Music from the Audio Dramas Nigel Fairs July 2010
3 Music from the Audio Dramas - Volume Two Nigel Fairs, David Darlington
& Mike MacLennan
August 2011

Podcasts Edit

Title Featuring Released
1 Dark Shadows Special 2010 Stuart Manning & Joseph Lidster April 2010
2 Dark Shadows Special 2011 James Goss & Joseph Lidster September 2011
3 Listeners' Questions Answered Joseph Lidster 31 October 2012
4 Dark Shadows Special 2014 Joseph Lidster & David Darlington 27-29 January 2014
5 Bloodlust Joseph Lidster, David Darlington
Will Howells & Alan Flanagan
28 January 2015
6 Bloodlust Final 20 March 2015

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