Barnabas Collins (1770-1830) was the wealthy owner of the original Collinwood estate known as the Old House. He married Josette DuPres and had a child with her named Bramwell.

Notes Edit

  • In the 1841 parallel time continuity, Barnabas Collins never became a vampire, and enjoyed a happy life with Josette – a life he never came to know in the mainstream continuity. Although Barnabas was wealthy when he married Josette, his fortune dwindled and he died almost penniless.
  • Barnabas and Josette had another son who supposedly died in Peru. In 1970 parallel time, Barnabas of the other time-line claimed to be his descendant.
  • Barnabas Collins had died by the time of the 1841 parallel time reality, and has never made an appearance in the original Dark Shadows television series.
  • William Loomis wrote a biography of Barnabas Collins. It was a copy of this book that crossed into "real time", leading Barnabas into the parallel time reality. The book was Loomis' final work.

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