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Barnabas, Quentin and Dr. Jekyll's Son



Paperback Library




Marilyn Ross




April 1971



Dark Shadows Barnabas, Quentin and Dr. Jekyll's Son
Barnabas, Quentin and Dr. Jekyll's Son is the twenty-seventh of the novels written by Marilyn Ross as part of a separate continuity. Has Barnabas accidentally unleashed a mad-dog killer at Collinwood?

Publisher's summary Edit

Before the blizzard cuts Collinwood off from the rest of the world, Barnabas Collins arrives there from England, bringing with him a friend, Dr. Henry Jekyll, who hopes to find a new life where no one knows he is the son of London's most savage murderer.

Another stranger also finds refuge at Collinwood from the storm. He calls himself Paul Faron, private detective -- but to Barnabas he is Quentin Collins, victim of the werewolf curse.

As the personal tensions and animosities at the strange old house increase, a senseless, brutal murder takes place -- and terror reigns at Collinwood. Obviously, the killer is someone living at the estate. And most under suspicion are Barnabas, Quentin and Dr. Jekyll's Son.

Synopsis Edit

Characters Edit

Background information and notes Edit

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