Andrew Collins
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Andrew Collins



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Production Information

The House of Despair
The Book of Temptation
The Christmas Presence
The Rage Beneath
Kingdom of the Dead
Angelique's Descent
The Eternal Actress
The Last Stop


Barnabas Collins (THOD-KOTD)
Mr Strix (THOD)
The Dark Lord (AD)
Gideon Wilder (TEA)

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Andrew Collins is a British actor, born 1973. He is best known for playing recurring character Jarrett Maxwell in the CBS soap opera The Bold and the Beautiful as well as appearing on the first episode of Gilmore Girls.

In Dark Shadows, he starred as Barnabas Collins in the full cast audio dramas produced by Big Finish Productions. He has also played other roles in the audio adaption of Angelique's Descent & The Eternal Actress.

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