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Unable to enter the Parallel Time room, Barnabas finds a book thrown from it.

Synopsis Edit


In a seemingly deserted room in the east wing, Barnabas Collins has stumbled across an incredible discovery. For in that room he has seen and heard a Julia and an Elizabeth who are strangers to him, living lives that are completely separate and different from the lives of Julia and Elizabeth he has just seen downstairs. For in this room, Barnabas Collins seems to be able to see a world that exists in Parallel Time. See, but not enter.

In Parallel Time, Julia and Elizabeth are arguing about whether or not a portrait should be hanging up. Julia gets her way, and unveils the portrait of Angelique for everyone to see. Elizabeth closes the door, trapping Barnabas on the outside.

Act I

Moments later, the doors re-open and Barnabas finds the room empty. He wonders if there is a way to cross into Parallel Time. After examining the room, Barnabas hears footsteps from the hallway. It's Roger, clearly in a dazed state. Barnabas decides to wait a few moments, and then begins to follow Roger. He finds the room where Megan is hiding her coffin and witnesses Megan again biting Roger. As Barnabas hides, Megan orders Roger to guard her coffin during the day.

Downstairs, Julia and Elizabeth are still talking about the East Wing. Elizabeth mentions that there aren't any legends associated with that part of the house as there were for the others. She thanks Julia for getting her mind off other things that have been happening lately and heads upstairs to bed. Barnabas enters shortly thereafter and informs Julia he saw the room change again, and that she and Elizabeth were arguing about a portrait of Angelique. He also informs her he knows where Megan's coffin is, and that Roger is guarding her. Barnabas hears a rooster in the distance and decides he must get back to his coffin.

In the East Wing, Roger assures Megan that no one saw him coming as she was summoning her, but Megan feels that someone knows of her location. She tells Roger that at dusk, she will move her coffin somewhere else.

At the Old House, Willie and Julia are going over their plans to destroy Megan. Willie is still upset with the prospect of what he has to do, but Julia assures him he will be doing everyone a favour and she hands him the stake and hammer.

Act II

Julia gives Willie the final instructions and tells him to meet her at Collinwood later in the afternoon. Willie becomes more paranoid about keeping secrets from his fiancée.

Back at Collinwood, Elizabeth and Julia discuss Megan. Elizabeth has noticed she has been nowhere to be found ever since Philip died. Willie soon arrives with a briefcase, claiming he's there to pick up some books for Barnabas. Julia takes him upstairs and they are soon in the East Wing. Willie is extremely upset about having to stab Megan, but Julia tells him not to think of her as human, but as a creature. As they approach the coffin Roger awakens. He attacks Julia and Willie defends her. They begin fighting and Willie knocks Roger unconscious. Willie sends Julia out to tend to Roger and quickly plunges the stake into Megan. She screams in pain and dies.


Roger awakens in the hallway, with Julia kneeling over him. He's confused over why he's in the East Wing, but she insists that he must have had a good reason and the blow to the head made him forget. She takes him downstairs, with Roger having no idea what has just happened.

At the Old House that night, Willie tells Barnabas that it is all over and Megan has been destroyed. They plan to bury Megan in an unmarked grave and dispose all of her possessions. Julia agrees to tell Elizabeth that Megan decided to leave Collinsport forever. She worries over whether or not Elizabeth will believe her, but Barnabas reminds her that it isn't far from the truth. After Willie leaves, Barnabas admits to Julia he is still drawn to the Parallel Time room. Julia tells Barnabas he needs to be careful and warns him of the dangers Parallel Time could bring.

Barnabas returns to the East Wing and opens the door. He sees Willie, wearing dress clothes and looking at the portrait of Angelique. Willie begins searching the room and Julia walks him. She scolds him for looking through Angelique's possessions, but Willie doesn't care because she is dead. Julia orders Willie to leave, but he won't leave before finding a book that belongs to him. He finally finds the book and Julia takes it from him. She tosses the book out of the room, past where Barnabas is standing, and orders Willie to leave. Barnabas goes to retrieve the book, and once he heads back towards the room, it is once again abandoned. He examines the book and is shocked to see it is entitled The Life and Death of Barnabas Collins by William Hollingshed Loomis.

Memorable quotes Edit

Willie: Oh, the way I feel, the things I think about! It's gettin' harder and harder to keep Roxanne from guessin'. There's more to my life than she knows about.

Willie: I done it Barnabas. But I don't think I could ever forget her face. No sir, not if I live to be a hundred.

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Background information and notes Edit

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Bloopers and continuity errors Edit

  • Actress Marie Wallace has said in interviews that the coffin used in this episode was much too small for her and extremely uncomfortable. As Willie prepares to stake Megan, Wallace's legs can be seen curled up in order to fit in the coffin.
  • In the first scene, Marie Wallace has difficulty speaking her lines whilst the fangs are in her mouth.
  • After Megan bites Roger, there is no blood coming from Roger's neck.
  • As Julia and Willie enter the room where a sleeping Roger is supposed to be guarding Megan's coffin, a crew member can be seen in the background through the doorway in the hall outside the room; wearing a short sleeve shirt, he steps forward and to the left of the screen, disappearing behind a wall and out of camera range.
  • In the closing credits, the "Fashions courtesy of" name is mispelled as "Orhbachs" instead of "Ohrbachs".

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