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Kitty fades away into the portrait of Josette.

Synopsis Edit

Collinwood at the turn of the century. A young woman blessed, or cursed, with second sight has seen a fire raging in a studio that Count Petofi and the demon Garth Blackwood are locked in a death struggle. And in the same inferno, she has seen the portrait of Quentin Collins. And now the flames have died, and Barnabas Collins searches among the ashes to find which lives have ended and which have changed forever.

Barnabas goes to Tate's Studio and searches though the ruins for the portrait. He finds Petofi's glasses, and believes that they are proof that Petofi and the jailer are dead. Charles blames Barnabas and everyone connected to him and Quentin for the destruction of his studio and his paintings. Barnabas begs him to continue painting portraits, in particular another portrait of Quentin.

Trask is still locked in Quentin's old room in the West Wing as the last candle begins to die out. He remembers how he used to lock the children of his school in a dark closet as a punishment and believes he will go mad. Judith calls on the telephone and tells Trask she will not be the one to kill him. She tells him of a surprise she left for him behind the drapes. It is the portrait of Amanda Harris.

Quentin arrives at the Hotel in New York and finds Amanda Harris , who is intent to pick up where their relationship left off. Quentin despondantly tells her they cannot be together unless he finds his portrait because of what he is.

Kitty tells Judith she plans breaks the engagement with Edward and leave Collinwood forever. Judith tells her that she wishes they could be sisters, but Kitty is insistent that she must leave to escape all she has endured and remain Kitty Soames. Barnabas arrives and she tells him she plans to leave, but Josette takes over and professes her love. Barnabas asks her to marry him tonight, and she agrees.

Trask begs Minerva to come to him or let him come to her as Judith had taken away all ways of his escape, including death. Judith phones Trask again and tells him something very valuable is in the desk. He finds a gun.

Barnabas tells Judith that he and Kitty are to marry. Judith protests, but he is insistant that they will leave Collinwood forever, together. Josette waits for Barnabas.

At the Studio, Barnabas finds a note from Charles telling of his new life away from Collinsport. He expresses his regrets, but he and the portrait of Quentin are gone.

Judith phones Trask one last time and gets no answer. In the room we see Trask laying in the chair dead. It is not Quentin's skeleton found in the sealed off room in 1969, but that of the Reverand Gregory Trask.

At Josette's room in the Old House , Kitty struggles against Josette to remain in control. Josette calls out to Barnabas and he rushes to her. She puts on Josette's wedding dress and fades into the portrait .

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Bloopers and continuity errors Edit

  • Quentin's gramophone is now in the room with Gregory, despite it being in the drawing room in 880 after the room was bricked up.
  • One camera has a permanent red dot that hovers on the far left side of the screen 1/3 of the way down from the top.

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