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November 12, 1969


October 23, 1969


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Garth Blackwood sets Charles' studio on fire with Count Petofi inside.

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As a storm rages over the great house at Collinwood, a desperate trio fights to save the life of an exhaused Quentin Collins. For Angelique, Barnabas and Charity know that the moment Quentin falls asleep, Count Petofi in a trance at Charles Tate's studio will recapture Quentin's body. But nothing has been able to break the trance, and each minute Quentin's danger increases. Now it is so grave that Charity, learning that a possession of Petofi's could give Angelique more power over him, has secretly run off to to the studio to steal something, knowing that in doing so she is facing the greatest peril of her life.

Petofi holds Charity hostage in order to get Quentin; however Quentin had already left Collinsport. Petofi catches Barnabas and plans to use his body to travel to the future. Petofi enters the trance however Garth Blackwood shows up and interrupts him. Blackwood sets Charles' studio on fire with Petofi inside. Charity has a vision in which she sees the portrait of Quentin burn.

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