Quentin and Charity in dream sequence



1897 / 1969


Nancy Barrett


Sam Hall


Henry Kaplan


October 29, 1969


October 14, 1969


Complete: Disc 90
Collection 17: Disc 2

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In a dream, Charity realizes that Quentin is really Count Petofi.

Synopsis Edit

Night at Collinwood at the turn of the century, and this night promises new threats for those who would correct the injustices. For Count Petofi, his mind now in Quentin's body, has entered the I-Ching trance in an effort to get to the year 1969.

With his goal in sight, Beth disrupts the I-Ching trance Quentin (Petofi) is using to travel through time, returning him to 1897. Beth tells him that the portrait of Quentin is missing.

Barnabas tells Kitty that she is the reincarnation of Josette. Kitty goes to Petofi (Quentin) to find out who she really is. In a dream Charity realizes that Quentin is really Petofi.

Quentin (Petofi) demands that Barnabas return the portrait of Quentin; Barnabas denies knowing where it is. Quentin (Petofi) threatens to turn Barnabas back into a vampire, however when he uses the Hand, it has no effect.

The powers of the Hand are transferred to Petofi (Quentin), who uses the Hand to let Kitty realize that she is Josette.

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