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Henry Kaplan


October 28, 1969


October 13, 1969


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Count Petofi prepares to travel to the future.

Synopsis Edit

Collinwood, the turn of the century, and a night of suspense and triumph for Count Petofi. For now his mind, his will, his evil, live in Quentin's body. But one thing remains to be done. And in an abandoned mill near the great estate, he tries to find the way to the future.

Charles Delaware Tate finds the way to the future through the I-Ching maze for Petofi, and he begins preparations to leave.

Petofi instructs Beth to bury a suitcase containing essentials, including the portrait of Quentin, using a map he has given her. Beth is to follow afterwards.

Barnabas tells Charity/Pansy a "secret" which is meant to prevent Petofi from obtaining the portrait.

Petofi (in Quentin's body) performs the I-Ching trance successfully, and finds himself in 1969.

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Bloopers and continuity errors Edit

  • Quentin's portrait is clearly printed on paper and rolls up like a poster, despite having been painted on canvas.

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