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October 21, 1969


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Count Petofi finds Kitty at the Old House confused about who she is; later she claims to have seen Barnabas.

Synopsis Edit

A woman has come to Collinwood determined to marry Edward Collins. But Lady Hampshire has discovered feelings and desires she did not know existed. And she has found herself drawn to a room in the Old House, drawn to a rendezvous with a man who is dead.

Quentin (Petofi) finds Kitty at the Old House confused about who she is; later she claims to have seen Barnabas.

Angelique scares Aristede and he slaps her. Angelique vows to make him regret it.

Edward wants to check on Barnabas but Kitty faints.

Quentin (Petofi) checks on Angelique and Barnabas who is still staked in his Coffin. Quentin (Petofi) warns Angelique that she had better say goodbye to Barnabas because it is the last time she will see him, and sets her on fire. Quentin (Petofi) takes the ring to Edward as proof Barnabas is dead.

Aristede is left to oversee the burning of Angelique, but she knocks him unconscious and escapes from the cave. Aristede wakes to find Barnabas standing over him asking for help.

Memorable quotes Edit

Barnabas Collins: help me help me!

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