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October 14, 1969


October 3, 1969


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Quentin and Evan attempt to trick Count Petofi into switching bodies back with Quentin.

Synopsis Edit

A violent storm rages fiercely over the great house at Collinwood. But more frightening than any storm is the mind of Count Petofi. Through his legendary powers he has taken over the body of Quentin Collins. In a desperate attempt to fight him, Quentin has enlisted the aid of a young woman recently arrived at Collinwood. But he is unaware that she too has fallen under the spell of supernatural forces.

Jeremiah's ghost warns Kitty that she will be killed if she stays at Collinwood. Petofi (Quentin) stops Kitty from jumping off Widows Hill. He tells Judith that Kitty is under an emotional strain.

Petofi (Quentin) convinces Evan that he is really Quentin; Evan agrees to help him.

Judith visits Evan and asks him to give back her power of attorney. Petofi (Quentin) and Evan trick Quentin (Petofi) into coming to Evan's house; they drug him and attempt a ceremony to return their minds to the proper bodies.

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