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Judith returns to Collinwood after having been in a sanitarium; she reveals that Gregory never visited her while there.

Synopsis Edit

A storm has risen over the Collins estate, and an atmosphere of impending doom pervades the great house. Count Petofi has taken over the body of Quentin Collins, and on this night a young woman tries to find the reasons for certain frightening events in her life. Through a seance, she seeks to contact the spirits of the dead. Soon, for one frightening moment, she will be convinced that she has succeeded.

The strange arrival at the seance proves to be Judith Collins, who has returned home. Judith is quite surprised by Charity's change in personality, who informs her bewildered stepmother/sister in law that she is Pansy Faye. When Judith asks Edward where her husband is, Edward expresses surprise that Reverend Trask was not with her. Judith tells Edward that during the four months of her hospitalization, Trask did not visit her once. Edward insists that Trask left town at least once a week to see her, and wonders if she had been in her right mind when he came. Judith takes offense at his question and assures Edward that she was always in control of her faculties.

A frightened Kitty confesses to Petofi, thinking he is Quentin, that she was unable to obtain Quentin's portrait. Judith calls Charity into the drawing room and tells her she must stop the life she is living and move back to Collinwood. Judith reminds Charity that her mother would not approve of the way she is carrying on.

Later on, Kitty is again possessed by the spirit of Josette. She puts on Josette's gown and wanders into the woods.

Quentin, in Petofi's body, talks to Judith and makes believe he is relating incidents he could only know if he had some special power. In the woods, Kitty meets the ghost of Jeremiah Collins.

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Dramatis personae Edit

Background information and notes Edit

Production Edit

  • This episode was recorded out of broadcast sequence. The previous episode to be recorded was 864.
  • Joan Bennett returns to the cast after an absence of 67 episodes.

Story Edit

Bloopers and continuity errors Edit

  • Whilst in the drawing room, Judith asks Edward to fetch Charity, Edward exits to the right, yet Charity comes from the left, kitchen area, in the short period of time that passed.

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