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October 10, 1969


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Kitty pretends to be possessed when Edward catches her looking through Quentin's room.

Synopsis Edit

Night over Collinwood. Quentin Collins, trapped inside the body of Count Petofi, has decided to take action against the count who now inhabits the body of Quentin. He has forced a terrified woman to attempt to steal a portrait which in his hands may give him some power against his tormenter.

Kitty becomes briefly possesed by Josette when Edward catches her looking through Quentin’s room, and later identifies herself as Josette to Angelique.

Quentin (Petofi) tells an incredulous Edward that kitty's dead husband Gerald Soames was a convicted jewel thief.

Angelique decides to postpone her marriage to Quentin.

Kitty, Edward, and Charity hold a seance, attempting to resolve the mystery of the music box; at the door they see a figure.

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Bloopers and continuity errors Edit

  • During the seance, when the camera is focused on Edward, Charity/Pansy can be seen and heard blowing out the candle.

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