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Quentin, now inhabiting Count Petofi's body, is unable to convince Kitty who he really is; and so decides to use her fear of Petofi to get her to steal the portrait of Quentin.

Synopsis Edit

Collinwood at the turn of the century. A house which harbors a new and dreadful secret, for the Quentin Collins who walks its halls is Count Petofi, who has accomplished his most amazing feat. His mind and spirit now exist in Quentin's body while Quentin's mind is trapped in the powerless body of Petofi. No one believes his plea that he is Quentin except Julia Hoffman, who has suddenly disappeared before his eyes.

Petofi (Quentin) is unable to convince Kitty who he really is; Petofi uses Kitty's fear of Petofi to compel her to steal the portrait of Quentin.

Upon hearing of Julia's disappearance, Quentin (Petofi) investigates her recent activities.

Kitty tells Edward that Julia has been living in secret in the Rectory.

Kitty is caught in the act attempting to steal the portrait of Quentin.

Memorable quotes Edit

Edward: (to Nora) Say good night to Lady Hampshire.
Kitty: Kitty, please.
Nora: (pointedly) Good night, Lady Hampshire.

Dramatis personae Edit

Background information and notes Edit

Production Edit

Story Edit

  • Kitty was fooled by Count Petofi when they first met She saw what helping Petofi did to Gerald.
  • Quentin in the body of Count Petofi says to Kitty, "You remember this hand Lady Hampshire? Look at it, it has certain powers. If I pass it over your face, you will disappear. Shall I prove it to you?" Now how would she know about the hand when Petofi didn't have it at the time? (She is probably aware of its legend.)
  • INTERNAL MONOLOGUE: Quentin: She must have returned to 1969.
  • TIMELINE: It was the "other night" when Kitty was compelled to go to the rectory. 7:30pm: Quentin and Kitty at the rectory. Quentin wants Kitty to get the portrait by 9pm. Quentin and Angelique are getting married tomorrow at 2pm. 8pm: Kitty and Nora in the drawing room. 8:30pm: Kitty and Edward in the drawing room. 8:45pm: Nora goes to bed.

Bloopers and continuity errors Edit

Right after Kitty talks of her fears of becoming someone else, Edward calls her "Katie".

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