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Julia finds Beth who explains how Quentin died in 1897.

Synopsis Edit

Collinwood, 1969. The spirit of an angry and lonely man rules over the great house at Collinwood. The ghost of Quentin Collins walks the vast empty rooms. For many months no living soul has dared venture inside this house. But on this night, a woman has gone there hoping she will be able to communicate with a spirit and save the lives of two people, one in the past and one in the present.

Julia seeks the help of Quentin's ghost to save Barnabas, but she finds Beth's ghost instead. Beth explains that Quentin's spirit cannot be reasoned with because Jamison Collins, the only person whom Quentin ever truly loved, rejected Quentin soon before his death, and now Quentin is doomed forever to seek Jamison's forgiveness, and that he sees David Collins as the reincarnation of Jamison.

In 1897, Angelique informs Beth that Quentin and she will marry. Beth, distraught, runs from the room and attempts to take her own life by poison. Jamison stops her, and confronts Quentin about his engagement to Angelique and breaking his word to Jamison, but Quentin rebuffs him. Jamison, wounded, tells Quentin that he never wants to see him again, which fulfills the third key event that, it has been foretold, shall herald Quentin's death, the loss of his one true love.

In a jealous rage, Beth shoots Quentin first in the Drawing Room, and again after following him as he staggers to the Tower Room, where he then dies.

Angelique returns and finds Quentin dead. Beth takes her own life the following morning.

In 1969, Julia and Professor Stokes attempt to take David away from Quentin, but David dies.

Dramatis personae Edit

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Production Edit

Story Edit

  • FLASHBACK: Beth's ghost recalls Quentin's death on September 10th, 1897.
  • GHOSTWATCH: Beth's ghost appears to Julia. Later, Quentin's ghost appears to Julia.
  • First episode where Eliiot Stokes calls Dr. Hoffman "Julia".

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