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Angelique puts a spell on Gregory to make him write a suicide note in which he confesses to be the werewolf.

Synopsis Edit

When night falls again over the great house at Collinwood, a full moon will rise in the sky. Knowing this, Quentin Collins has lived through a day of inner torment. In desperation he has called on a gypsy to help him, for he believes that his own death may be the only means of escape from the terrible curse with which he must live.

Quentin gives Magda a pistol loaded with six silver bullets, and makes her promise to shoot him, should he escape from the manacles that he hopes will restrain him when he transforms into the wolf with the rising of the full moon.

Gregory Trask, having been warned by a ghostly apparition that the beast is near, wrests the pistol from Magda, and noting the silver bullets, gleefully waits for his opportunity to expose a member of the Collins family as a supernatural being.

Fearing Quentin's threat to expose Trask's confession of the murder of Minerva, Trask locks Quentin in the basement.

Magda alerts Angelique about the danger to Quentin, who uses an ancient amulet to find where Quentin has been taken, and then casts a spell to overtake Trask's mind. Angelique orders Trask to take his own life, after writing a suicide note in which Trask confesses to be the werewolf, but Angelique is interrupted by Count Petofi, who desires that Trask should come within reach, only within reach, of his goal of taking control of Collinwood.

Petofi reveals the secret of Quentin's portrait to Angelique. Trask, freed from Angelique's spell, prevents Magda from releasing Quentin from the cell, moments before moonrise.

Memorable quotes Edit

Gregory: Incredible. The two most loquacious people I know, utterly speechless!
Petofi: So much for your petty black magic.

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Story Edit

Bloopers and continuity errors Edit

When Trask 'hits' Quentin over the head with the gun and Quentin 'falls', it is clear that instead of Quentin, Trask hit the gun on a nearby table. Perhaps the actors were told the camera work would make it seem otherwise but clearly it didn't.

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