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Angelique again asks Quentin to marry her if she tries to release Edward and Jamison from Count Petofi's spell.

Synopsis Edit

For 100 years Count Petofi has wandered the world, seeking the hand the gypsies took from him. But now the triumph he felt in finding it has turned to terror. For the gypsy King has tracked him down. And with all his dealing in the dark spirits and all his powers, Petofi knows he is facing the one man in the world over whom he is powerless.

Aristede prevents King Johnny from severing Count Petofi's Hand by stabbing him in the back.

Angelique again asks Quentin to marry her if she releases Edward and Jamison from Count Petofi's spell. Petofi, while overseeing Aristede's secret burial of King Johnny in the woods, senses that Angelique is attempting to lift the curses he has placed over Collinwood, and rushes to confront her.

Petofi offers to develop Quentin's talents for pure evil if he will join him; Quentin refuses. Angelique defies Petofi's warning not to tamper with any of his spells.

As Angelique continues her attempt to lift the spell, Petofi finds that the Golden Scimitar has disappeared from the Mill. Petofi prepares to cast a counter-curse against Angelique.

Memorable quotes Edit

Aristede: You know, I find it a lot easier to kill someone than to bury them.
Count Petofi: I too have found that curious fact to be true. Start digging, Aristede, start digging.

Dramatis personae Edit

Background information and notes Edit

Production Edit

Story Edit

Bloopers and continuity errors Edit

  • When speaking to Quentin, Lara Parker flubs, "The spells on Jamison and Quentin and Edward are very powerful." Based on the dialogue that follows, it's clear she's referring to Count Petofi's spells on Jamison and Edward. If she meant to include Quentin, she probably would have said "you" instead of his name, because she was talking to him.
  • When Aristede passes his hand along the top of a cabinet searching for the Golden Scimitar, a light appears to go out.

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