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Count Petofi lets Quentin take Barnabas, due to his fear of the gypsies.

Synopsis Edit

The turn of the century at Collinwood, a house filled with madness, deceit, desires for revenge. For Quentin Collins, this night offers a chance to free Barnabas from the evil grasp of the infamous Count Petofi. But for Beth, whose existence means Quentin's safety, the night promises death. For Charity Trask, mad and jealous, has tricked Beth into drinking a glass of brandy that contained poison.

At the last moment before Quentin's note is due to be delivered by Beth, Count Petofi relents and releases Barnabas to Quentin, giving in to his fear of the gypsies, who originally severed his Hand, and Angelique, whom Quentin has threatened to invoke. Barnabas still, however, bears the Mark of Count Petofi, and his powers remain inhibited.

Magda discovers Beth, unconscious after having drank poison given to her by Pansy Faye, and revives her using an infusion of gypsy herbs.

Charles Tate questions Petofi about how and why Petofi has caused the image of Amanda Harris to dominate Tate's artwork for the past two years. Petofi, admitting nothing, insinuates that Tate should be suspicious of Tim Shaw.

Istvan captures and binds Magda, preparing take her back to King Johnny.

Memorable quotes Edit

Beth: If anything's happened to Quentin, I'll kill myself.
Magda: I don't give you gypsy herbs for that.

Dramatis personae Edit

Background information and notes Edit

Production Edit

Story Edit

Bloopers and continuity errors Edit

  • Magda stops yelling for help even though the gag momentarily slips off.
  • Despite being in several scenes, Terry Crawford is not credited in the cast list.

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