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August 19, 1969


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Count Petofi threatens to destroy Collinwood if Barnabas does not tell him the secret of time travel.

Synopsis Edit

For everyone at Collinwood, terror takes a different form. For Magda Rakosi, terror has come in the shape of King Johnny Romano, demanding the hand of Count Petofi from her. But Magda cannot return the hand, nor can she tell him who has it. She can only pray for strength to stand up against the gypsy punishment she knows she must face.

While questioning Magda, King Johnny finds the gypsy box containing Abraham Howell's hand, and so believes Magda was lying to him, and that Magda wanted to keep the Hand for herself. King Johnny takes Magda away for trial.

Aristede reports back to Petofi. Petofi laughs at how well his deception worked, Petofi had exhumed the body of the recently departed Abraham Howell, and cut off one of his hands, which Charles Tate had then fashioned to resemble Petofi's own Hand. He says if the gypsies had attempted to use the substitute hand they would have known it was a fake. Barnabas is still chained in his coffin.

Petofi looks through the Collins family history. Petofi wonders what Magda's fate will be. An invisible presence scares Aristede. It was Howell's spirit, understandably restless after his body's mutilation. Petofi then lets Barnabas out of his coffin and threatens to wipe out all the Collins family and future generations of Collins by killing them now.

King Johnny tells Magda that the gypsy he is travelling with has no tongue because he ran away from his trial. King Johnny attempts to bless the hand, but Howell's spirit appears and reclaims his hand. Johnny accuses Magda of the "bajour," the big trick. Magda escapes.

Memorable quotes Edit

Count Petofi: The beautiful people of 1969. What will they be like?

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Background information and notes Edit

Production Edit

Story Edit

Bloopers and continuity errors Edit

  • The previous episode ends with Magda opening a box that contains a hand which is pointing toward the left. However, in the reprise of this scene, when Magda opens the box, the hand inside of it is pointing toward the right.
  • boom microphone shadow can be seen as Aristede enters the room where Barnabas is held.
  • When Johnny returns to the campfire to find Magda missing, his accomplice, Istvan, rushes to his side, nearly tripping over what sounds like a pile of wood.

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