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August 11, 1969


August 4, 1969


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Count Petofi causes Jamison to become possessed by David Collins.

Synopsis Edit

Barnabas Collins has come back to the past to save the lives of two people in the future, but for him there will be neither present nor future, for he is the captive of Count Petofi, and the four walls of his coffin have become his prison.

Aristede and Count Petofi chain Barnabas's coffin, with Petofi vowing not to release the vampire until he agrees to take him to the future. Meanwhile, Jamison wakes up and tells Nora to call Quentin, startling her by insisting that his name is David, Nora's name is Amy, and that they must contact Quentin by the telephone.

Tim Shaw returns to Collinwood, looking for the Hand. Nora cries and tells him that Jamison took it away from her. When Tim goes to see Jamison, Quentin stops him, and tells him that Jamison no longer has it. Quentin asks Tim about his lady friend Amanda, and suggests that Tim ask Aristede where the Hand is, and that he will find Aristede at the mill. David tells Quentin he is now dead like him. Quentin seeks Barnabas's help.

Tim holds Aristede at gunpoint and demands the Hand, threatening to kill him for how he treated Amanda. Petofi shows Tim the Hand, which is now successfully reattached. Tim warns Petofi that he will never be happy until he has taken revenge on Trask and Evan. Petofi senses that two visitors are approaching and dismisses Aristede.

Barnabas's coffin is now at the mill. Quentin arrives carrying an unconscious Jamison, who is now claiming to be David Collins. Quentin demands that Petofi cure Jamison, pointing out that Petofi owes Jamison for retreiving the Hand. Petofi senses the connection between David Collins of 1969 and Quentin.

Memorable quotes Edit

Count Petofi: (to Tim) There aren't enough bullets in your gun for me. A man who's lived for a hundred and fifty years isn't easy to kill.

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Background information and notes Edit

Production Edit

  • One of the cameras used to record this episode is affected by diagonal lines.
  • First aired on Monday, August 11, 1969, the day after the famous Manson Family Murders in Southern California. Many stations were understandably focused on the events of the past weekend.
  • There are no credits or cast list for this episode.

Story Edit

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