1897 / 1969


Grayson Hall


Sam Hall


Lela Swift


August 8, 1969


July 31, 1969


Complete: Disc 84
Collection 15: Disc 4

815 B
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Count Petofi promises to save Jamison if Barnabas will tell him how he is able to transcend time.

Synopsis Edit

A stormy night in the year 1897, a terrifying night in which two lives seem about to end.

Count Petofi emerges from the next room with his hand attached to his body. He tells Barnabas that he will not cure Quentin and Jamison. The Count takes Barnabas's power to disappear away from him.

Quentin appears and tells Barnabas that Jamison is still sick. Petofi causes Barnabas to have a vision, in which he sees David Collins calling for Quentin, and Julia trying to calm him by giving him an injection. Barnabas realizes that Petofi does not have access to the vision he caused Barnabas to have. He tells Barnabas unless he takes him to 1969 Petofi will not lift the curse.

Petofi then appears at the Old House to talk to Magda. Magda takes Petofi and Aristede to Barnabas's coffin. They chain the coffin and secure it with a cross.

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Bloopers and continuity errors Edit

  • The shadow of the camera can be seen as it zooms in to a close-up of Jamison.
  • Magda is wearing the same makeup as Julia. The heavy blue eye shadow is a dead giveaway.

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