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Jerry Lacy


Gordon Russell


Henry Kaplan


August 5, 1969


July 28, 1969


Complete: Disc 84
Collection 15: Disc 4

812 B
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Tim returns to Collinsport with Amanda Harris, and the hand of Count Petofi.

Synopsis Edit

The shades of night enclose the great house of Collinwood, in an atmosphere of frightening unreality. Strange and terrifying events have happened, and will continue to happen. On this night, soothed by the strains of a familiar song, Quentin Collins went to sleep and began to dream. But what seemed like an ordinary dream, has suddenly turned into a living nightmare.

Quentin awakens to Edward strangling him. Quentin tries to reason with him but can't. Nora enters and screams at the sight. Edward abruptly frees Quentin, but does not recognize his daughter. Meanwhile, Tim Shaw returns to Collinsport with his girlfriend, Amanda Harris. He still has the Hand of Count Petofi. Tim sends Amanda to see Trask she says she needs help becuase she is running away from a man. She says there is something unnatural about the man. Quentin interupts a prayer session between Trask and Amanda. Amanda says she is at the Collinsport Inn. Quentin goes to the Inn to find Amanda and sees her leave with Tim. Quentin ransacks Tim's room. He leaves just before Tim comes back. Tim gives Nora a necklace then asks her to hide the box with the hand in it for him.  He asks her to keep it a secret. She opens the box.

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