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July 28, 1969


July 18, 1969


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Charles starts the portrait of Quentin using a photograph; Charity sees the portrait change from Quentin to a werewolf.

Synopsis Edit

A few years before the turn of the century the inhabitants of Collinwood lived through a series of nightmarish events. The most mysterious of all these was the appearance of the disembodied hand of Count Petofi. The terror it unleashed was compounded by the arrival of the legendary Count Petofi himself, who came in quest of the hand. Failing to get it, he imposed a harsh punishment on all who lived at Collinwood. He decreed that each of them must discover the horrible truth about themselves, and suffer the terrible consequences.

The confession appears on the drawing room table. Charity finds it and confronts Trask. Trask rebukes Charity and says she should not believe it. He says she knows Tim killed her mother. Then claims Charity is under the devils power. Trask claims to be the only one who can save them.

While Magda guards Jamison he tells her to beware of the truth as it can be very dangerous. Trask tears up the confession and it begins to storm. He calls to Minerva and tells her to stop haunting him. The storm stops her tries to claim he was innocent. The storm begins again. Charles Delaware Tate enters Collinwood and says he just came from outside he says there is not storm. he also says that he was commissioned by Edith to do a portrait of Quentin but Quentin does not want him to do it. He wants a picture of Quentin to work with.

Charity enter Quentin's room, and she asks about his music. She is acting like Pansy and flirts with Quentin. Magda enters as Charity leaves. She tells him Jamison wants to see him. Jamison, as Count Petofi, offers to cure Quentin if he lets him leave the cell. Quentin says he can not cure him without the hand so it is no deal. Tate is almost through with his portrait of Quentin. As Charity watches in terror, the portrait suddenly begins to grow hair.

Memorable quotes Edit

Jamison: (possessed by Count Petofi) The truth can be very destructive, Magda.

Dramatis personae Edit

Background information and notes Edit

Production Edit

  • Series creator Dan Curtis returns to director's chair, having last done so in 737.
  • No cast or crew members are credited.

Story Edit

Bloopers and continuity errors Edit

  • Roger Davis flubs, "I'm not staying in Collinsport" but at a studio in the village, when he should have said "Collinwood". He then corrects himself to add that he won't be staying at "Collin-ward" either.
  • Charity seems not to know why Quentin is so sad, although not too long ago, he told her about his son's death.
  • When the signed confession reappears on the desk, it is turned in a different direction than seen at the end of the previous episode.

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