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Evan and Gregory conjure up a vision of Minerva to torment Judith.

Synopsis Edit

The year 1897 was a time of many terrifying events in the great house at Collinwood, and these events had a lasting effect on all who lived there and all who would come after them. But perhaps no single event was so cruel and frightening as the deliberate plan of one evil man to induce madness in the mistress of the house.

Edward stops Judith from killing Evan. Evan takes a drink. Trask and Evan believe that Judith is possessed by Minerva. They will use Judith's fear of Minerva and have Minerva haunt Judith... in their favor. There is an annoying white dot on Trask’s right eyebrow. Evan wants Trask to bring a photo of Minerva to him. Trask seems to say Wedward instead of Edward. Edward also flubs when he talks about annulling the marriage of Judith and Trask. There are two knocks on Judith's door. No one is there each time. The third knock turns out to be Trask.

(description of scene with Trask and Evan conjuring black ghost of Minerva that appears to Judith but is under their control that unfortunately is visible to everyone goes here)

Trask returns to Collinwood: his task is to keep others away from Judith so they do not confirm the ghost sighting. They want to drive Judith crazy. Edward questions Trask.

(Incantation of Black Ghost to haunt Judith given by Evan and activated by Evan's burning desire over a picture of Minerva goes here)

8:30: Minerva appears. Judith screams: another poor scream from Joan. Judith lies to Edward that nothing was there. She doesn't want him to think her crazy. When Edward leaves, Judith tells Trask the truth. Trask plays on Judith but calls Minerva a kind, tolerant woman.

Judith sees Minerva again: this time in the drawing room, sitting in a chair and sewing. Trask sees her, too, but does not tell Judith this. Judith now lies to Trask. Trask wants her to repeat, "I am Mrs. Trask. I am Mrs. Trask.  Now say it." The foyer is very dark now and it makes the scene of Minerva, from behind, following Judith up the steps. Judith turns at the first landing and gasps at her to stop. Minerva keeps coming at her.

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Gregory (to Judith): Now, you know how I feel about alcoholic beverages. But I think perhaps a little brandy will help calm your nerves.

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  • GHOSTWATCH: A knock at Judith's bedroom door but no one replies. A ghost resembling Minerva appears to Judith twice; Gregory also sees it the second time.
  • TIMELINE: 3:05pm at start of the episode. Gregory hasn't seen Evan in the past 24 hours. Evan wants Gregory to come to his home tonight. 8pm: Gregory and Evan prepare to perform ceremony. 8:30pm: The ceremony begins.

Bloopers and continuity errors Edit

  • Louis Edmonds is mistakenly credited as playing Roger Collins.
  • A boom or camera shadow can be seen on the door on the right side of the screen as Trask enters.
  • Evan, when talking to Trask, says "newt" instead of "not," and then corrects himself. He also says to Trask, "Your brother," instead of "Her brother" when referring to Edward.
  • When Evan is explaining to Trask the "black ghost" of Minerva that he will conjure, he says that the apparition will be "an hallucination," which by most definitions is something that only one person sees (barring the idea of a "mass hallucination"). But then he goes on to say that anybody will be able to see it.

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