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Magda uses the hand of Count Petofi in an attempt to lift the curse from Quentin.

Synopsis Edit

The time is the turn of the century. A new day at Collinwood brings no answers to the terrifying questions that hang over the great estate, and in the Old House, on its grounds, a gypsy puzzles over the powers of a mysterious hand, a hand that can do good or can do evil.

The full moon is tonight. Evan, who has been hidden in the basement, peers through the bars on the window of the door. Quentin cannot recognize Evan, and lets him out. Magda throws a diva tantrum and bounces, "Leave me alone!" Of the hand, she tells Quentin "Only the ancient gods know." Quentin laments that magic was a game to him. He thought people should know every world, not just "our own." He wishes he knew the everyday world as others know it: living and dying.

Edward returns wearing a top hat. He is back from Bangor. Quentin comes to Edward and they start in on each other. Judith tells Edward and Quentin she is married to Trask now. Granny always said best wishes and congrads but Quentin cannot remember which is for the bride and which is for the groom, so he tells her both. Judith slaps an insulting Edward. Trask will live here. When Jamison turns twenty-one, the money will go to him. If Judith dies before Jamison is twenty-one, Trask gets the estate.

Judith is haunted. The drawing room doors close by themselves. She finds the torn up will inside. A knife or letter opener is stuck in the Bible. A child like drawing of Mrs. Minvera Trask is pinned to the wall.

Quentin laments, "Time is my hobby." He and Edward are in the study. Quentin cannot go with Edward to Evan.

Magda arrives and gives Judith best wishes. Judith mentions to her about Barnabas. "All Collins are hard to work for." Magda goes to Edward, "You must be so happy to have a man in the family at last." Evan tells Quentin some more info at the Old House. Quentin guesses it is the hand but as he starts to change, Magda, against Barnabas’s wishes, uses the hand on Quentin in the hopes of curing him.

Memorable quotes Edit

Quentin: Happiness does not exist.

Magda: (to Edward) You must be so happy to have a man in the family at last.
Quentin: Oh, before all of this happened to me...magic....magic was a game to me, to be used for excitement on long winter evenings. The black arts! Know every world, not just the one around you! Oh, that was my theory. Oh, how I wish I knew the world as everyone else knows it...the everyday world of living and dying.
Judith: You never wanted me to marry.
Edward: Frankly, I never thought anyone would have the courage to ask you.
Edward: Would you please stop looking at that clock?
Quentin: It's my hobby. Time is my hobby.
Judith: I'm surprised you even dare come here after working for Barnabas.
Magda: He's a Collins, like you. All Collins are hard to work for.

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  • If Judith dies, when Jamison turns twenty-one, he will inherit the Collins estate. Until then, Gregory Trask would administer the estate.
  • GHOSTWATCH: Judith's will is ripped up mysteriously, and a knife is stood erect. Judith finds a drawing of Minerva Trask.
  • TIMELINE: Day 307 begins, and will end in 787. A new day at the start of the episode. 2pm: Magda and Quentin at the Old House. 2:35pm: Edward returns to Collinwood. Judith married yesterday. 5pm: Quentin and Edward discuss Judith's marriage.

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