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June 16, 1969


June 9, 1969


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Rachel dies from the gunshot wounds, and Edward drives a stake through Dirk's heart.

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This night has been dark and filled with dread for an unnatural creature has been let loose to force his will upon those he claims as victims. Dirk Wilkins has made a deadly demand upon Barnabas Collins, a demand that must be met by dawn, and now the dawn is nearing.

Tim hears Judith fire three shots. We hear whispers. Judith also clears her throat. Trask gives Edward a drink. Trask doesn’t trust or like Barnabas. He thinks that what is good for Barnabas is not good for the rest of them. Judith comes in with the gun which Edward takes from her. Their grandmother brought it back from France. Trask wants to deal with the evil in this house and he prays.

Tim carries Rachel back to The Old House. He wants to get Dr. Brooks on the edge of town. Rachel recalls that as children she and Tim pretended their fathers were whaling captains and they sang a sea shanty song. Tim tries to comfort her, but Rachel dies in his arms.

The vampire Dirk Wilkins is destroyed.

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