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The werewolf attacks Judith, but Beth manages to frighten it away with her silver pendant.

Synopsis Edit

Collinwood before the turn of the century. The great house is surrounded by darkness and somewhere in that darkness there prowls a terrifying creature who threatens the very existence of the Collins family. Only a few people know the secret behind this creature, and Barnabas Collins must use every means available to him in order to learn it from one of them.

Two dots are on Beth's neck. Beth tells him about the curse and Quentin and that Magda is responsible. She tells him that Magda didn’t believe that it was in self defense that Quentin killed Jenny. Beth tells Barnabas about Mrs. Filmore and the children. Quentin left two years ago. Barnabas wants to see to it that Quentin will live.

Barnabas asks if she trusts him and she says she will. Barnabas wants to know, most of all, not how this will all end but when it will. He leaves. Beth has a pentagram. Outside, Magda has a gun. The wolf howls. When Judith opens the doors, Magda has already hidden the gun in a stone vase near the doors. Judith wants to stop Magda from coming in but also tries to warn her about being outside. Magda says, "I'm not afraid." When Judith will not let her in, Magda breaks into the drawing room. We hear the wolf howl. Magda listens to Beth and Barnabas talk. Barnabas leaves.

Magda approaches Beth and asks if the child has the pentagram on. Beth tells her he has. Magda sees fang marks on Beth’s neck. She goes out to get the gun. The werewolf sees the slide of Collinwood. Judith comes to Beth. The doors open and the wind seems to have blown them open. They wonder who. The sheriff calls Judith. Beth finds her own room a mess and realizes the werewolf must be inside.

Judith seems to be listening to someone on the phone, she's on the phone listening to something on the other end. The werewolf is on the steps and jumps from there to the foyer and attacks Judith. Beth returns and uses the pentagram to send it out the open window. Magda, in the woods, hides from Barnabas. The sheriff told Judith he would send men. Judith questions Beth about how the animal was warded off by her. Judith thinks the sheriff should be replaced. The werewolf climbs a rock and seems to pass out. It sees Magda and she fires the gun at it. The werewolf falls.

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Judith: There is no end to your arrogance, is there?

Magda: You should know about arrogance. Your family has enough of it.


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Bloopers and continuity errors Edit

  • The "ground" moves  when the werewolf lands on it.
  • After Judith leaves the drawing room and closes the doors, the camera swings wildly to the window to show Magda looking in, rather than having a second camera switch to Magda.
  • As Judith finishes talking on the phone, she starts hang it up, then puts the earpiece back to her ear, waits a moment without saying anything, then hangs up the phone. (Who says that's a blooper?) (She holds the phone for so long, saying nothing, it's clearly not a blooper.)
  • Before Magda pulls the trigger of the gun she has pointed at the werewolf, she glances briefly to her left, apparently for some sort of cue.

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