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Minerva Trask shows up to take Rachel back to Worthington Hall; she accuses her of accessory to the murder of her brother.

Synopsis Edit

Collinwood in the year 1897, where Quentin Collins has once more met the Laura Collins woman he saw die on a flaming altar in Alexandria. Dark forces have told him there is an urn that controls the heat and fire of her life, and now he must find it to be rid of her forever.

Minerva Trask arrives at Collinwood and threatens Rachel with a murder charge unless she accompanies her back to the school. Terrified, Rachel accepts. When Judith arrives, she can tell that something is bothering Rachel, but she is too scared and unable to explain it. Minerva then informs them both that Tim Shaw is newly engaged to her daughter, Charity Trask. The news deeply affects Rachel.

Rachel later confesses her troubles to Magda Rakosi, who decides to hide her in the Mausoleum until such time as she can make her escape from Collinwood and be free of the Trasks. Rachel does not consider herself very brave. Magda reads her palm. Magda believes money is supposed to go from pocket to pocket. She takes Rachel's brooch which was Rachel's mother's in order for her to get a carriage to take Rachel away in the morning. It should fetch twenty or thirty dollars, enough to get her to Boston.

Memorable quotes Edit

Minerva: I know it would break his heart, just as it would break your neck.

Magda: Don't be so sensitive, money is supposed to go from pocket to pocket.

Quentin: (to Judith) Grandmother did make you such a lady.

Minerva: Pretty people are the devil's playthings.

Laura: No, Mrs. Trask, my dreams for my daughter are somewhat different.

Dramatis personae Edit

Background information and notes Edit

Production Edit

Story Edit

  • TIMELINE: Day 288 begins, and will end in 738, (there is nothing to directly link this on-screen day with the previous one, although its probably the day after as Rachel enquires how Laura is after fainting in the previous episode). 7:30pm: Minerva has been waiting an hour for Rachel.

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