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March 17, 1969


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Evan and Quentin summon Angelique from hell to help them fight Barnabas.

Synopsis Edit


This is no ordinary night at Collinwood, for once before, in 1897, two desperate men and a child who was their unwitting pawn, sought the Devil's help. Now, incredibly, time has reeled backwards, and that horrifying night is being relived again.

Evan sends Sandor to chase after Jamison. After he runs out, Quentin tells Evan must leave, they have gone too far because there is something in the fire. Evan looks into the fire and sees Angelique, smiling.

Act I

Evan demands Angelique tell them who she is and begins asking questions, but Angelique either deflects their questions or answers them cryptically, asking her own questions instead. Evan introduces himself, but Angelique is much more interested in Quentin, particularly once he mentions his enemy, Barnabas Collins, with whom Angelique is obviously acquainted. Evan demands Angelique tell them who she is, but she tells him there is nothing he needs to know except that she has powers over people, and demonstrates this by causing him to start to choke. Quentin asks her to release Evan and she begins to flirt with him. She says The Cottage will do quite nicely as a place for her to stay, correctly guessing that Quentin has previously brought women there. She says if she is discovered, she will just be "another of Quentin Collins' women", if she is beautiful enough. Quentin assures her she is and Evan starts babbling on again, only to have Angelique tell him if he doesn't shut up, she will shut him up for a long time. She fades away.

Act II

After searching the cottage, Quentin and Evan give up looking for Angelique. Sandor returns, reporting Jamison is safe at home. Sandor asks about the ceremony, but Evan tells him nothing happened at all. Evan asks Sandor when he will complete will and sends him off to work on it. Quentin and Evan talk about Angelique, Quentin wonders how she knew so much about them and Evan wants to send her back to Hell, but Quentin does not think they can send her back. Quentin says she cannot be sent back, and at least she is their ally. As he speaks of her, Angelique's laughter is heard. At The Old House, Barnabas catches Sandor in the act of forging Edith's will. Sandor begs Barnabas not to turn him over to the police, and Barnabas tells him he just needs some guidance. Sandor leaves and Barnabas grabs Josette's music box from the mantle also and leaves. Omce he is gone, Angelique appears, saying she is still thinking about Barnabas, and still hates Josette.


In front of Collinwood, Evan says good night to Quentin, saying soon Collinwood will be his home. Quentin says this is true if Sandor does his job well and quickly. Evan says he will do anything for money, which causes Quentin to ponder what motivates Angelique. Once inside, Quentin wakes Rachel Drummond, who has fallen asleep while reading at the fireplace. He starts to flirt with her as Barnabas walks in. Rachel is aghast Barnabas has caught them in what was starting to be a tender moment and Quentin tells him he was getting ready for bed, that it was very late for visitors. Barnabas says he was there to see Rachel and Quentin leaves them alone. As he gives her the music box as a gift, Angelique appears outside the window. Barnabas becomes aware of something and goes to the window, but Angelique has vanished, then turns his attention back to Rachel, telling her part of Josette's story. Back at the cottage, Angelique searches frantically for something as Barnabas and Rachel continue chatting, Barnabas continuing the story of "the original Barnabas" and Josette, avoiding the word suicide and telling her as romantic a story as possible. Meanwhile, Angelique has made a doll from some yarn and begins to choke it, whispering in the doll's ear as she does. Back at Collinwood, Rachel begins to choke, then pass out, but as she does, she says "Widow's Hill ... don't make it happen again". Barnabas is scared.

Memorable quotes Edit

Angelique: What time is this?
Evan: Midnight.
Angelique: Yes, of course. But which of many midnights is it?

Evan: Who are you?
Angelique: I'm obviously the one you sent for. And who are you?

Evan: Madame, if you will allow me to interrupt you...
Angelique: No Mr. Hanley! I will not permit it!

Angelique: After all, we're all on the same side. My side.

Quentin: I am only trying to avoid trouble.
Angelique: Oh Quentin, it is too late for that. If you wanted to avoid trouble, you shouldn't have sent for me!

Angelique: It's often those closest to us become our bitterest enemies.

Evan: Really Quentin, for someone with your blemished history, you are curiously innocent.

Quentin: (to Barnabas) Apparently no night is too dark or no hour too late to keep you from visiting.

Dramatis personae Edit

Background information and notes Edit

Production Edit

Story Edit

  • It seems Evan wasn't expecting Angelique to rise from the flames. Just who was he expecting?
  • The relationship Angelique has here with Evan parallels he relationship with Nicholas Blair, also played by Humbert Allen Astredo, as seen in the present day except here it is Angelique who has the upper hand in the relationship.
  • Sandor is left-handed.
  • TIMELINE: Day 281 begins, and will end in 715. It's midnight.

Bloopers and continuity errors Edit

  • Quentin tells Angelique that she is in Collinwood, however, they are actually in the cottage on the grounds of the Collins' family estate.
  • David Selby flubs, "Miss Rachel... or, uhhh, Miss Drummond" to Barnabas.
  • Barnabas says to Rachel, about Josette, "I loved her very deeply. Does that surprise you?". Afterwards, he tells her that Josette lived a very long time ago. He then follows up with "...she was loved deeply and dearly by my ancestor". Rachel doesn't react to why Barnabas loved Josette deeply, and the premise that Barnabas has always felt he has a commitment to Josette doesn't adequately explain how Barnabas fell in love with Josette.

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