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Elizabeth and Maggie become concerned with David's recent behavior, prompting Maggie to follow him into the west wing of Collinwood.

Synopsis Edit

The night which has just ended at the great estate of Collinwood will be remembered by many who live there. A little girl has awakened from a frightening dream, and she suddenly knows that the dream will come true, unless she can stop it.

David hurts Amy while trying to stop her from telling Elizabeth about Quentin. Amy tries to tell Elizabeth, and then is stopped when she sees Quentin. Elizabeth and Maggie become concerned with David's recent behavior. Maggie follows David into the West Wing of Collinwood.

Memorable quotes Edit

Elizabeth: Disciplining is the only way to make David realize that he's living in a real world inhabited by real people and he has to deal with them, not with witches and ghosts and giants.

Maggie: We're not friends, David.
David: Vicki never said things like that.
Maggie: Well, Vicki had one way of dealing with you and I have another.

David: Oh, Quentin, you're never gonna let us go, are you?

Dramatis personae Edit

Background information and notes Edit

Production Edit

Story Edit

  • Carolyn has told Elizabeth about David accosting Amy before.
  • David makes up a story about a friend, a giant named Lars, that has been captured by a wicked old witch in the house by the sea.
  • After Elizabeth leaves David's room, he throws a football player statue.
  • Elizabeth gives Maggie free rein to discipline David any way she likes.
  • Maggie takes the old telephone to her room.
  • David's room continues to have what looks like birthday cards in it. One appears to be of an owl.
  • Maggie finds the storage room in the west wing; there is a suit of armor and a suitcase there.
  • GHOSTWATCH: Quentin's ghost appears to David, and also later in the drawing room to Amy behind Elizabeth when Amy tries to tell her about Quentin.
  • TIMELINE: David is confined to his room for the rest of the day. 6pm: David implores Quentin to appear.

Bloopers and continuity errors Edit

  • A boom microphone shadow can briefly be seen twice on Elizabeth's head as she moves about the drawing room, and also on the wall on the left side of the screen as Elizabeth steps into David's room.
  • It is stated that it was the "other day" when David behaved badly towards Amy. However, the on-screen passage of time it would suggest it to still be the same day.
  • Elizabeth flubs several lines when talking to Maggie.
  • When David sneaks out of his room, his door is still open from the previous scene.

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