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In a dream, Beth warns Amy that Quentin is trying to kill Chris.

Synopsis Edit

A strange, distorted night in the great house at Collinwood, a night in which one woman wakes and sees a mysterious, weeping figure in her room, a figure that disappears without a word, leaving fear in its place.

In a dream Beth warns Amy that Quentin is trying to kill Chris. Barnabas and Julia suspect that Chris tried to kill himself, however he convinces them otherwise. After talking with David, Amy decides to tell Elizabeth about Quentin and “the game.”

Memorable quotes Edit

Julia: (smiling and amused) So we're at the mercy of a ghost.

Barnabas: (to David, about Mrs. Johnson) Oh we can ignore her. I'm sure you and Amy can manage it.

Dramatis personae Edit

Background information and notes Edit

Production Edit

Story Edit

  • David explains to Barnabas that he may want to become a doctor someday because of the news going on about Chris, being sick the previous night. Though this may not necessarily be true, as he could have told Barnabas about his desire to become a doctor to draw suspicion away from him and he is still under the influence of Quentin's ghost. In the Big Finish audio drama Kingdom of the Dead it will be revealed that David did in fact become a doctor.
  • Amy has once more revolted against Quentin's rule, when she is determined to tell Elizabeth about the game.
  • Chris has contemplated suicide in the past but denies doing it on this night.
  • Chris was supposed to take Amy and David to the movies.
  • This is the first time Beth's ghost speaks.
  • GHOSTWATCH: Beth's ghost leads Julia and Barnabas to a dying Chris (reprised from previous episode).
  • DREAM SEQUENCE: Amy dreams about Beth, who calls out to her and shows her Chris dead.
  • TIMELINE: Day 268 begins, and will end in 682. David was at Chris' cottage yesterday around 6am.

Bloopers and continuity errors Edit

  • The reprise has many small changes from the end of the previous episode, these include: Beth does not use her hand to open the door; Julia and Barnabas have switched positions at the front doors of Collinwood; David hair is noticeably shorter; and Chris is no longer wearing a jacket.
  • Julia makes the call to Windcliff Sanitarium at approximately 6:25am to get the antidote for Chris. When Barnabas and Julia are next seen, Barnabas asks how Chris is and Julia says the antidote worked the clock on the mantle shows approximately 6:30am, so one would wonder how the antidote could have been delivered to Collinwood which is approximately 100 miles apart only took five minutes to get there. (Perhaps the clock is not functioning properly.)
  • Grayson Hall flubs, "A ghost led you here." She should have said, "A ghost led us here" or "me here."
  • A shadow appears on Barnabas' shoulder as he talks to David.

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