Joan Bennett


Sam Hall


John Sedwick


June 24, 1968


June 7, 1968


Complete: Disc 55
Collection 8: Disc 3

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Elizabeth, due to Cassandra's spell, believes herself to be Naomi Collins and reenacts the past by taking poison.

Synopsis Edit

It is morning at the great house of Collinwood. A night has passed that will cause many horrifying results for those who live here, for a witch-hunter came back from the dead to right an ancient wrong, and during his exorcism, the devils flew from the witch, and now her husband, innocent and blameless, waits.

Julia and Barnabas find that Reverend Trask's skeleton is back in the wall in the basement. Elizabeth, due to Cassandra's spell, believes that she is Naomi and re-enacts the past by taking poison. Barnabas and Julia find Elizabeth shortly after she has taken the poison.

Memorable quotes Edit

Barnabas: What if she makes a connection between the living dead...
Julia: ...and vampire.

Dramatis personae Edit

Background information and notes Edit

Production Edit

  • Final episode directed by John Sedwick.
  • This episode begins with a still shot of Collinwood, but it takes a few seconds for the audio to start.

Story Edit

Bloopers and continuity errors Edit

External Links Edit

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