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May 20, 1968


May 14, 1968


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Barnabas and Julia find that Adam has returned to the Old House cellar after being shot by Roger.

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There is no rest for those who live in the great house at Collinwood, for a new terror has come into their lives. A strange giant of a man as appeared mysteriously on the estate, and he is believed to be a maniacal killer on the loose. Only three people know his true identity.

Cassandra and Julia return from a sisterly jaunt to Professor Stokes' house. They are laughing and carrying on like best friends. They had an interesting conversation about the occult. Stokes knows Cassandra is the witch who put the dream curse out and also knows definitely that Barnabas needs protection from her and probably that Barnabas is the target of the dream curse. He also left Barnabas, when we last saw Stokes, in a huff because it was important to him. Roger and Cassandra supposedly met at Stokes’s house and he might be upset about that. Julia, too, not only knows Cassandra is evil but that she is named Angelique and is the witch that put the entire curse on Barnabas.

Roger tells them about David and the tall man. It happened a few 100 yards from Collinwood. He calls the police but can’t seem to get Sheriff Patterson, who is at some banquet. He wants all the police to search the woods. After he gets off the phone and Julia leaves, Roger talks about how Adam looked, like a criminal, or an animal…or like a walking dead man. Cassandra exclaims amazement at this, ironically. Roger and she will have to talk to Barnabas about this man.

Julia tells Barnabas that Adam thinks of him as a father figure and Barnabas can calm him down enough for her to treat his wound... if they can find him. Julia correctly suggests that Adam must have gone back to the cellar, the only home he’s ever known. What about Lang’s? They find him there, Barnabas telling her that Adam spoke so he went looking for her and that he can’t stay there 24 hours a day. Julia begins to treat it and thinks either Roger is a bad shot or Adam is just lucky. It is not serious. It will take her a half hour. Julia doesn’t say why she went to Stokes with Cassandra. Barnabas either doesn’t know she went with her or does know about some plan.

Barnabas returns to Collinwood and greets Cassandra, both of them with “good evenings” for each other. Roger arrives and tells them the police have not found the man. Barnabas feigns, “Oh, that’s too bad.” Roger questions him about the man. Barnabas gives no definite answers only that he doesn’t know how the man knew his name. If the man is caught, they will have to ask him. Barnabas was glad he was correct about calm talk into getting the man to put David down and he was glad he could help David. Roger is grateful.

Adam holds Julia's hand after she treated him. Julia smiles, "We're going to be friends, after all." He squeezes her hand too tight. He lets go and she plays the music for him. She claims she taught him the word music. Adam once more hears Eric’s message.

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