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April 15, 1968


April 9, 1968

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Barnabas experiences another temporary relapse.

Synopsis Edit

Victoria Winters has returned to the great house at Collinwood, back from the strange and frightening adventure in the past. Now she and all those around her are haunted by the terrible events she witnessed in the year 1795, events which may change the course of history, and forever alter the destinies of all who live at Collinwood, and Barnabas Collins, fearful of what the future may bring, places his destiny in the hands of a stranger.

Barnabas and Victoria discuss her trip to the past. Mrs. Johnson's son Harry arrives, and Victoria screams when she sees his resemblance to Noah Gifford. Dr. Lang tells Barnabas that he could have the physical appearance of Jeff Clark and be cured of the curse.

Memorable quotes Edit

Harry: How am I supposed to know some girl would come to the door, take one look at me and scream her head off?

Dramatis personae Edit

Background information and notes Edit

Production Edit

  • Clarice Blackburn returns to the cast after an absence of 28 episodes.
  • There is film splice as Victoria goes to answer the door. She is seen leaving the drawing room and then is immediately standing in front of the open door screaming while Harry is standing outside. She is not seen walking to, or opening the door.
  • Although he had a significant amount of dialogue, actor Roger Davis is accidently uncredited.

Story Edit

  • Harry apparently has a prison record.

Bloopers and continuity errors Edit

  • The camera lights can be seen in reflection as Elizabeth examines Dr. Lang's head mirror.
  • While Elizabeth and Mrs. Johnson are talking in the foyer, a large shadow probably from a camera can be seen moving around in the drawing room.
  • When Harry smokes his cigarette in the drawing room, a member of the crew can be heard coughing.

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