Collinwood, abandoned and in ruins in 1995.

Barnabas Collins and Dr. Julia Hoffman were accidentally transported to 1995 when the parlor room in Collinwood's east wing failed to return them to the correct year as they escaped from Parallel Time (1060, 1061).

In an alternate timeline, Collinwood was destroyed in 1970 and remained in ruins even up to this year. No one lived in Collinwood (1061), but the spirits of Gerard Stiles, Daphne Harridge, Tad Collins, and Carrie Stokes haunted the estate (1063, 1065, 1066).

The citizens of Collinsport seemed aware that something terrible had happened to Collinwood in 1970 (1062), and the name Collins had become linked to the notion of a curse (1061).

In this alternate timeline, Mrs. Sarah Johnson, Carolyn Stoddard Hawkes, and Professor T. Eliot Stokes died in this year (1064, 1068, 1070).

Barnabas and Julia returned to 1970 by traveling the Stairway into Time (1070).

This timeline was prevented by the actions of Barnabas Collins, Dr. Julia Hoffman, and Professor Stokes in the year 1840. The trio returned to Collinwood in 1971 and found that the house and family were intact (1198). It can be assumed that all events Barnabas and Julia witnessed when they traveled to 1995 were erased.

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