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Catherine declares her love for Bramwell, who's locked in the cursed room.

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The great house at Collinwood in the year 1841. For over a century and a half the Collins family has been haunted by a curse set upon them by one of their own ancestors. On the night that is approaching, Kendrick Young, who has just married into the family, is waiting to enter the legendary locked room. He will never enter, for another member of the family, motivated by insane jealousy, has committed an act of violence which could lead to the final downfall of the Collins family.

Catherine and Bramwell pine through doors; Bramwell reads Catherine the note which lured him to Collinwood. Morgan outs Catherine and Julia figures out Morgan’s rationale for locking up Bramwell.

Julia holds her information, as always, and then she and Kendrick race to the Room to try to keep Bramwell from touching the corpses. Bramwell nears fondling them before Julia arrives.

Morgan promises to let Bramwell out after Catherine promises she’ll never look at him again if he does; but he tricks her and tosses her into the room.

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Morgan: (to Bramwell and Catherine) I hope you rot together like James and Amanda!

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