1841 PT


Lara Parker


Gordon Russell


Henry Kaplan


March 22, 1971


March 10, 1971


Complete: Disc 125
Collection 26: Disc 1

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Morgan and Julia find the bodies of Amanda Collins and James Forsythe to be perfectly preserved in the secret room

Synopsis Edit

Collinwood stands shrouded in horror tonight. In the Old House, Daphne Collins has fallen into a heavy coma and been given almost no chance of coming out of it. And in Brutus Collins' bedroom, the frightening locked room, two people are about to encounter death and find grim evidence of a hatred that will not rest until every Collins is mercilessly destroyed.

Morgan and Julia find the bodies of Amanda Collins and James Forsythe in the secret room; Brutus locks them in the room. Gabriel attacks Catherine with a knife, however she bribes him with some jewelry. Melanie finds and releases Julia and Morgan. Brutus Collins summons Gabriel and tells him to kill everyone. Catherine asks Morgan to take her away from Collinwood; he refuses. Melanie plans to marry Kendrick. Gabriel stabs Melanie.

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