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Jonathan Frid


Gordon Russell


Lela Swift


March 19, 1971


March 9, 1971


Complete: Disc 125
Collection 26: Disc 1

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Morgan and Julia visit the locked room in daytime in an attempt to learn its secrets.

Synopsis Edit

1841. The Collins family lives in perpetual fear, fear of a curse inflicted upon them by one of their own ancestors; Brutus Collins, 160 years ago. Since then each generation has known the terror of the locked room in the abandoned west wing, for all who have entered the room have either died or gone mad. Some time ago, Gabriel Collins spent only part of a night in the room and came out violently insane. For their own protection the family has kept Gabriel a prisoner in the north tower. But on this night they will learn how impossible it is to keep a madman under lock and key.

Morgan rescues Julia from the tower room where she had been attacked by Gabriel, who in turn fled. Daphne's condition becomes grave and she tells Bramwell that he and Catherine belong together. Morgan denigrates Bramwell to Catherine for his role in Daphne's deterioration. Bramwell is distraught. Daphne commends Bramwell to Catherine. Daphne tells Bramwell to not feel guilty, and then she falls into a coma. Morgan tells Julia that Quentin is searching for Gabriel and will kill him if he can. Melanie tells Julia that she knows that both Carrie and Julia knows who her parents are and won't reveal it, and that she can no longer trust Julia. Morgan and Julia visit the locked room in daytime in an attempt to learn its secrets.

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Bloopers and continuity errors Edit

  • Morgan says his lines wrong. “Before Gabriel went into that room, he promised Quentin that if he came out mad, that he would kill him. “ Instead of saying Quentin, he should have said Gabriel. He finishes it up with, “Until this point, Gabriel… Quinten hasn’t been able to bring himself to it.”

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