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March 16, 1971


March 5, 1971


Complete: Disc 125
Collection 26: Disc 1

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Daphne becomes unwell from a terminal illness and will soon die.

Synopsis Edit

For over a century and a half the Collins family has lived under the curse of the mysterious locked room in the abandoned west wing. Morgan Collins spent a night in the room and when he came out in the morning the family discovered that he had been possessed by the spirit of a man who had died in 1680. On this night, the family tried to exorcise that spirit from Morgan's body. The attempt failed, but in it's wake the family learned what no Collins has ever known... how and why the curse began.

James Forsythe's spirit leaves Morgan, he returns to normal. Bramwell finds that his ship will be arriving which will make him wealthy. Morgan finds that Bramwell has been coming to Collinwood while he was possessed. Daphne becomes ill. Bramwell finds that Daphne is sick, Josette tells him that Daphne is dying.

Memorable quotes Edit

Josette: (to Bramwell) No man can divide his love between two women. You're still in love with Catherine and you know it.

Dramatis personae Edit

Background information and notes Edit

Production Edit

Story Edit

Bloopers and continuity errors Edit

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