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March 12, 1971


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Quentin plans a seance in order to release the spirit of James Forsythe from Morgan's body.

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For over a century and a half a curse has stalked the Collins family. Since 1880 [sic], all who have entered the legendary locked room have met with either death or madness. Most recently it was Morgan Collins who entered the room. When he emerged, the family soon learned that Morgan had been possessed by the spirit of James Forsythe, who died in 1680. In his possessed state, Morgan has shown no signs of violence, but this night will see him change.

Quentin stops Morgan from killing Julia, and locks him up. Quentin plans a séance to release the spirit of James Forsythe from Morgan. Catherine drugs Morgan so they can take him to the seance. Morgan runs off during the seance; later Julia finds him and he agrees to tell her the truth of what happened in 1680.

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  • Keith Prentice trips over the line: "I'm going to get out somehow and when I do I'm going to kill you. I'm going to kill every Morga... I can get my hands on! Do you hear me? Do you hear me!?" He should have said "Collins" instead of "Morgan".
  • The opening narration states the family curse started in 1880, when in fact it was 1680.
  • David Selby accidentally backs into the edge of the door when locking Morgan in a room.
  • As the seance begins, a stagehand can be seen closing the door.
  • This is another "green camera" episode, one camera has a green tint to it.