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Christopher Pennock


Gordon Russell


Henry Kaplan


March 8, 1971


March 1, 1971


Complete: Disc 124
Collection 25: Disc 4

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Flora goes to see Gabriel, he waits for her with a knife.

Synopsis Edit

The great house at Collinwood in the world of Parallel Time. On this night, Melanie Collins, an adopted member of the family, has been given some news of a disturbing and startling nature, concerning her own origins. She has heard it from the man she has fallen in love with, Kendrick Young. Kendrick intends to keep investigating until he learns the whole truth about Melanie's past. He is unaware that shortly he will discover Melanie's most frightening secret.

Julia tells Kendrick "a story" as to why Melanie occasionally acts mad; Kendrick does not believe it and suspects her insanity is due to a curse. Melanie finds Gabriel in the woods, he gives her a message asking Flora to meet him. Flora goes to see Gabriel, he waits for her with a knife.

Memorable quotes Edit

Kendrick: I know the other Melanie, the real one, the one I care about. I will decide whether the situation is impossible or not.

Kendrick: Could Melanie be under some kind of a curse?
Julia: (laughs) I believe such things happen only in fiction.

Dramatis personae Edit

Background information and notes Edit

Production Edit

Story Edit

  • Melanie has been insane for ten years. When it happens her whole personality changes and she becomes someone else.
  • TIMELINE: 10:30pm: Julia returns to Kendrick. Gabriel wants to meet Flora at midnight.

Bloopers and continuity errors Edit

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