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Morgan appears to be possessed, but will not reveal who he is.

Synopsis Edit

For over a century and a half the family in the great house at Collinwood has been plagued by a terrifying curse. Once during each generation a Collins is chosen by lottery to spend a night in a mysterious locked room in the abandoned west wing, the room in which all who remain are found dead or totally mad. Last night the lottery was held again, and Catherine Collins was chosen. But when she was taken to the room she discovered that her husband Morgan had taken her place. Now it is dawn, and Morgan has been removed from the room. He has survived the night alive and Catherine is overjoyed. But her happiness is short-lived.

Morgan does not recognize the family, and insists that he is not Morgan Collins. He refuses to give his name when asked. They slowly come to the realization that he is possessed. Melanie asks Julia about her real parents; Julia tells her they are dead. Melanie finds a letter that indicates her real mother might still be alive, Julia takes the letter and burns it. Morgan goes to the cottage and demands that Carrie give him the key to the basement; Carrie goes into a trance and later realizes that Morgan is possessed by James Forsythe.

Memorable quotes Edit

James: You're all about to choke on your own curiosity, aren't you?

Dramatis personae Edit

Background information and notes Edit

Production Edit

Story Edit

  • A letter written by Justin Collins to Melanie's mother, who Julia claims to have been to Flora, reads:
    "We've already discussed this matter thoroughly, and a decision has been made. Melanie shall be adopted by me. My dear lady, I am aware of your opposition to this and respect your feelings in the matter. Surely you can understand how I feel, from the moment I saw her, I loved her. I knew she belonged at Collinwood and I had hoped you would share that feeling, that you did not came as a severe disappointment to me."
  • According to Julia, Justin was on the board of directors at the Concord orphanage from which Melanie was adopted.
  • TIMELINE: 6:20am: Catherine and Morgan in the drawing room.

Bloopers and continuity errors Edit

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