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Julia considers the possibility of the lottery being held again if Gabriel is not found.

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At Collinwood in Parallel Time, the dreaded lottery has at last been held. According to the grim tradition, one member from each generation of the Collins family must spend a night in the mysterious room from which no Collins has ever returned alive and sane. Gabriel has drawn the marked lottery slip, and on this night he is to be put to the test. Now Julia and Morgan go to see him in the tower room where he has been locked to wait until the time when he must enter the room and discover its terrible secret.

Julia considers the possibility that they may have to do the lottery again if Gabriel is not found. Morgan searches for Gabriel and finds him drinking at the Eagle. Gabriel claims that he is now willing to go to the locked room. Morgan and Julia lock Gabriel in the room.

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Julia: (about Gabriel's escape from the tower room) But how did he get out?
Morgan: (indicates a rope of knotted sheets leading out the window) This way. What a pity it didn't break.

Daphne: I'm a rather young woman, but I'm still a woman.
Bramwell: Yes you are.

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