1841 PT


David Selby


Gordon Russell


Lela Swift


February 16, 1971


February 5, 1971


Complete: Disc 123
Collection 25: Disc 3

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Gabriel is selected to spend a night in the locked room.

Synopsis Edit

Collinwood in Parallel Time. This is a fateful night in the great house. Once during each generation a member of the family is chosen by lottery to spend the night in a mysterious locked room. All who have entered have either died or gone insane. The terrifying secret harbored in the room has remained unknown, but soon it will be revealed to one person, for Flora Collins has decided that the lottery must be held tonight.

The lottery is held and each man and woman draws a slip. One by one, the family members draw blanks until it is down to just Catherine and Gabriel. Catherine opens her drawing and hugs Morgan. Gabriel is momentarily relieved, until she reveals that she has drawn the last blank.

Gabriel draws the slip with the X, he runs off to avoid having to spend the night in the locked room. Quentin and Morgan catch Gabriel, they lock him in the tower room until it is time for him to go to the cursed room. Quentin comes down with the plague. Gabriel escapes from the tower room.

Memorable quotes Edit

Morgan: Don't expect me to have any sympathy for him, because I don't!

Dramatis personae Edit

Background information and notes Edit

Production Edit

Story Edit

Bloopers and continuity errors Edit

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