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Morgan challenges Bramwell to a duel.

Synopsis Edit

A night of torment in the great estate of Collinwood in Parallel Time, for Catherine Harridge this is a night of decision; frightened by the intensity of her old feeling for the ardent Bramwell, aware of her obligations to her fiance, Morgan Collins, Catherine decides a solution to her life is an immediate marriage ceremony. And so she takes a step which may mean tragedy to all three people.

Bramwell interrupts the wedding ceremony and a fight errupts between him and Morgan. Melanie goes to see Josette; Melanie plans to find who her real parents are. Bramwell is forbidden from ever going back to Collinwood. Morgan challenges Bramwell to a duel. Catherine begs Bramwell not to duel Morgan; she threatens to kill herself if he kills Morgan. Bramwell and Morgan prepare for the duel.

Memorable quotes Edit

Bramwell: Catherine, you and I will not end this way, you will not marry Morgan!

Dramatis personae Edit

Background information and notes Edit

Production Edit

  • In the real world, Maine adopted its first anti-dueling laws in the year 1820 authorizing a $1,000 fine to challenge someone to a duel or for accepting such a challenge. Maine in 1838 also added a $100 fine for ridiculing someone who refuses to fight a duel.
  • 1206-credits
    Closing credits scene: Morgan's room.

Story Edit

Bloopers and continuity errors Edit

  • As Morgan and Catherine talk after the doctor has left and Julia went to get him back, a crew member holding scripts can be seen in the mirror at center stage.

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