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February 4, 1971


January 27, 1971


Complete: Disc 122
Collection 25: Disc 2

1204 B
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Melanie finds Stella tied up in the tower room.

Synopsis Edit

A stormy, troubled night at Collinwood in Parallel Time, for this day has exposed another secret of the great house. Catherine has learned that Melanie, ten years before, entered the locked room in the west wing to save her father and ever since she has been given to sudden unpredictable seizures of madness, seizures of which Melanie is quite unaware. But there are other secrets, one of them unknown except to two women as a sane Melanie soon discovers.

Melanie finds Stella Young tied up and gagged. Flora explains that Justin tried to kill Stella, so they had to lock her up to keep her from telling the police. Quentin and Morgan decide that the lottery must be held soon. Melanie promises Stella that she will be released if she promises not to cause any trouble. Justin's funeral is held. Stella is found dead; Flora and Julia believe that Melanie killed her. Melanie tries to get in the cursed locked room then collapses.

Memorable quotes Edit

Melanie: I can't stand any more secrets. There are too many secrets in this house!

Quentin: There's not much you can do in prison, except watch and listen.

Dramatis personae Edit

Background information and notes Edit

Production Edit

Story Edit

  • In this episode, Stella is found dead. It is believed that Melanie committed the murder whilst possessed. Although Stella's death will continue to be mentioned for much of this storyline, it is never conclusively revealed if it was in fact Melanie who killed her.
  • It is revealed that Justin Collins attacked Stella with a knife, (as witnessed by Gabriel Collins of the main-time band in 1189). Although not fatally wounded, she had been kept in the tower room since then by Julia out of fear that Stella would report the incident to the authorities.
  • Quentin has been away for seven years, where he spent time in prison.
  • GHOSTWATCH: Morgan and Julia see the woman in white.
  • TIMELINE: Kendrick was at Collinwood yesterday. Day 443 begins, and will end in 1206. Justin's funeral today. 1pm: The funeral will soon begin. 6:45pm: Return from the funeral.

Bloopers and continuity errors Edit

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