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1202 B
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Bramwell makes Catherine admit that she loves him.

Synopsis Edit

At the great house of Collinwood in the strange and disturbing world of Parallel Time, there is a strange legend of a locked room somewhere in the house, and a curse that has haunted the Collins family for 160 years. Once during each generation a member of the family is chosen by lottery to spend a night in that room. Of those who have stayed in there three have died as a result, and the other three emerged mad. With the death of Justin Collins, master of the house, it is time to hold the lottery again. But before this is done a wedding, has been decided upon by Catherine Harridge and Morgan Collins, on hearing of the news of the coming marriage, Bramwell Collins, the man Catherine's loved from childhood, became enraged and forced her to return to the Old House with him.

Bramwell refuses to let Catherine leave until she agrees to marry him. She begs for her freedom, but he remains steadfast. He reminds her of their first meeting, and how deeply they had fallen in love. He tells her that if she doesn't love him, and the past means nothing, then he will let her go. Catherine confesses that she does still love him.

Kendrick Young sneaks into Collinwood looking for clues about his sister's disappearance when Melanie Collins finds him. He explains who he is and she reluctantly agrees to help him.

Catherine and Bramwell have a romantic encounter, but when it is over Catherine tells him that it has not changed her resolution to marry Morgan.

Memorable quotes Edit

Melanie: You're not going to get around me by flattery, sir.

Dramatis personae Edit

Background information and notes Edit

Production Edit

Story Edit

  • It's implied that Bramwell and Catherine have sex whilst he holds her captive. In 1219, it will be revealed that Catherine is pregnant with Bramwell's baby.
  • The housekeeper at Collinwood is mentioned.
  • Melanie last saw Stella Young the day before Stella left Collinwood.
  • TIMELINE: It was two weeks ago when Stella left Collinwood, (she last appeared in 1189). 1:20am: Morgan returns to Collinwood.

Bloopers and continuity errors Edit

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