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Barnabas confesses his love for Angelique, who is murdered by Lamar.

Synopsis Edit


A climactic night at Collinwood in 1840. For Valerie has saved Quentin and Desmond from the beheading, and Gerard has been killed. So Quentin and Daphne are free to leave Collinsport and start a new life. And Barnabas, moved by Valerie's willingness to incriminate herself in order to save his two friends, goes to the prison to tell her of his new feelings for her, but discovers she has been released, and so he hurries back to Collinwood for the most eventful meeting in his life.

Angelique sits by the fire when Barnabas comes into the room and begins to tell her that he loves her, but they are interrupted by Lamar Trask, who yells that the judges were afraid to hold Angelique, then shoots her with a pistol.

Act I

Barnabas and Trask struggle for the gun, Barnabas declaring he should have killed Trask when he was walled up, but Barnabas breaks off the struggle when he hears Angelique moan his name. Barnabas calls for Julia and declares his love for her and tells her she must live, but she smiles and dies in his arms, the final victim of her own curse (402). Just then, Trask comes to and flees the room, scuffling with Barnabas in the foyer. Trask breaks free and escapes up the stairs where he finds a knife. Trask stabs Barnabas in the shoulder before Barnabas recovers the knife and mortally wounds Trask. But first, Trask runs into the East wing parlor where Barnabas watches him cross into Parallel Time. Before Trask dies, Barnabas sees the room shift back, and Trask disappears forever.

Act II

Barnabas makes his way back downstairs to the drawing room and Angelique's corpse where he confesses his eternal love to her. Julia walks into the room, so Barnabas tells her that she was the only woman he truly ever loved. Julia notices he is wounded and while tending to him, is told about Trask, then goes to get her medical bag. At Rose Cottage, Desmond frets, waiting for Leticia Faye. Flora tells him she will be there, then berates herself for allowing Gerard Stiles to fool her, after having always prided herself in being such a good judge of character. Desmond fears that Leticia will do something rash before she finds out he is free, but just then she comes home, and they embrace.


Flora excuses herself so the couple can be together. Leticia explains she went to the sea to cry, then heard the news of Quentin and Desmond's release on her way through town. Desmond tells her they are going to leave tonight for New York and be married. Back at Collinwood, Barnabas tells Julia and Professor Stokes that the police accepted his explanation for Angelique's death and she was to be buried in the family mausoleum. Stokes is anxious to get back to their own time, which is now 1971, via the Stairway into Time. He tells Barnabas that unless they go back, they will never know if they succeeded in preventing the Destruction of Collinwood along with Carolyn and Quentin's madness and the death of David Collins. Barnabas wonders what their visit has done to the future, and does not hear Desmond approach, overhearing them speak of 1971. Julia tells Desmond that they came from 1971 and Stokes explains that they came via Quentin's staircase, which must be destroyed after they return. Barnabas tells them he should stay behind, but Julia and Stokes will not hear of it. They agree to go up the stairs, even though they do not know when they will reappear. Desmond promises he and Leticia will stay until Valerie's funeral and his mother will take care of everything.

Later, at the staircase, Desmond says he cannot believe that the staircase works, nor that the East Wing Parlor leads to another band of time, but Barnabas warns him that if Trask should escape somehow, he will come back and try to kill him. Desmond swears he will destroy the stairs and tell no one of their power except Leticia and Quentin. The group bids Desmond farewell and goes up the stairs and through the door.

Act IV

The trio comes through the door and into the hallway, seeing electric lights and that the house is not burned. Julia declares they have saved Collinwood. Two hours later, after having put on their 20th century clothes, they wait in the drawing room, but no one has shown up. Stokes says the refrigerator is full, which must be a good sign, and Julia delights in the comfort of her normal clothing, and there are no signs that the ghosts of Gerard and Daphne were ever there. Just then Elizabeth walks in, chiding them for being so late for the opening of the Historical Center. She only saw them because she came back to get Roger's speech. They question Elizabeth about David, Hallie, Quentin and Carolyn, and Elizabeth shrugs it off saying of course they are at the Center. On their way out the door, Elizabeth tells Stokes that she is donating a journal by an ancestor of hers, Flora Collins, who she had never heard of before, a writer of many novels and wonders if she can find any of them. Barnabas muses to Julia privately that Desmond has probably destroyed the staircase by now and Julia says they will never forget any of the people they met in 1840.

Back in 1840, Desmond is chopping up the staircase and wondering if the trio made it back to their own time. In the drawing room, Leticia paces the floor when Desmond comes in and tells her he wants to take her to a room in the East wing where something may be happening. He has obviously told her about Valerie and Trask and the parallel time band when they get to the parlor. Desmond opens the door and they see the room change. They see Trask dying and calling for help. They see Julia Collins enter the room, look briefly at the body, and call for Flora. Julia ask Flora if she has ever seen him before and Flora answer "It has finally happened. What we feared, what we dreaded". Julia shushes her and closes the door. Julia tells Flora no one must know, but Flora fears everyone will know. Julia thinks she hears someone outside, but when she reopens the doors, no one is there. She tells Flora they must get rid of the body. Several hours later, Melanie Collins runs into the room in a panic calling for Flora, saying her father is dying. Julia looks somber, saying this means the lottery will happen again, soon.

Memorable quotes Edit

Barnabas: I love you, that is why you must live. I love you, Angelique. After all those years, all that happened between us, I can say it now because I know it's true. I love you.

Lamar: The judges were afraid to hold you, but I am not afraid. Die witch.

Barnabas: Without even planning it, I've committed the perfect crime.

Barnabas: Your beautiful face, as if you were asleep. Am I never to see your eyes again? So often they looked at me with love, and I returned nothing but hatred. I was blinded by my fury that my rejection of you caused. And so throughout the years we battled and fought, and I never guessed that beneath my rage I felt a love as strong as yours.

Dramatis personae Edit

Background information and notes Edit

Production Edit

Story Edit

  • Roger Collins, Carolyn Stoddard Hawkes, Quentin Collins, David Collins, and Hallie Stokes are all mentioned, but not shown.
  • Angelique ironically becomes the final victim of the curse she placed on Barnabas back in 405 that everyone who loves him would die.
  • Barnabas says that Angelique is to be buried in the family mausoleum. One can assume this is not the one at Eagle Hill Cemetery, but another. Presumably she would be buried as 'Valerie Collins', which would explain why no one knew who she was.
  • Barnabas, Professor Stokes and Julia talk about it being the year 1971 in the present day, said to be 130 years in the future. Upon their arrival at that time, Elizabeth speaks as if they know all about the Historical Society Center opening, spent the winter together, and were generally never gone at all even though time has moved while they were gone.
  • Elizabeth found the journal of Flora Collins in the west wing, which she plans to donate to the Historical Society Center. Flora is said to have written many novels, which Elizabeth is interested in reading. (Flora's journal was previously mentioned by Professor Stokes in 1177.)
  • Although Julia and Professor Stokes came to the year 1840 through use of the Stairway into Time, Barnabas came through use of the I-Ching in 1117. He took possession of his own body in the year 1840 after Julia had released the vampire to help her. Using the stairway to reach the year 1971 would mean that Barnabas would have two bodies in that time, and none in the chained coffin for Willie Loomis to set free in the year 1967. But seeing as how he was cured of his vampirism by Angelique, there would be no reason for him to be chained in the coffin post 1840. (Barnabas' present day body was in the other negated version of 1970, the one in which the Destruction of Collinwood occurred, so presumably his body would no longer be there to return to via the I-Ching. If he was intending to return to the changed version of the present day, the stairway would be Barnabas' best option. Possibly, the body in the negated version of the timeline, which was still inflicted by the vampire curse, took the place in the chained coffin for Willie to find in 1967.)
  • TIMELINE: 8:10pm (1971): No one has been seen for two hours at Collinwood. 11:50pm (1840 PT): Julia and Flora dispose of Lamar's body. Day 441 begins, and will end in 1200. 2am at the end of 1198. The lottery will take place before the week is over.

Bloopers and continuity errors Edit

  • As Julia stands at the door of the drawing room in Act II, a wide shot reveals a boom microphone just before Barnabas starts to stand up.
  • The set decorators recreate the present day Collinwood with its present day furniture, but have overlooked the candles in the foyer chandelier and did not change the curtains and cornice over the drawing room window. However, as the 1840 curtains were also a red color, most viewers probably wouldn't notice.
  • When the end scene from the previous episode was recreated, Angelique holds her shoulder area as if she was shot there, rather then in the lower abdomen in the previous episode.

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