1194 B



1840 / 1840 PT


Humbert Allen Astredo


Sam Hall


Henry Kaplan


January 21, 1971


January 13, 1971


Complete: Disc 121
Collection 25: Disc 1

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Gerard uses his power to make Daphne marry him.

Synopsis Edit

The great estate of Collinwood in 1840, and this night is filled with both hope and anxiety. Gerard Stiles and the police still search for the escaped Quentin and the wounded Desmond. But Samantha's body has been found on the rocks below Widows' Hill, and her death officially termed a suicide, and only Joanna Mills knows the truth. So Joanna has freed Quentin from the bondage of his unhappy marriage and given him, even in his peril a chance for a new life.

Daphne tells Leticia of their plans to leave for Boston that evening, and then sail to Europe. They are overheard by Flora who tells Leticia that she approves of the plan, but would like to say goodbye to her son before they leave. Daphne and Leticia are worried that she would tell Gerard, but Flora insists that she loves Desmond too much to endanger him.

Gerard tells Leticia that there will be a wedding tonight.

Daphne again sees Parallel Time and watches the other Flora Collins question Melanie about the West Wing. Melanie insists that she hasn't been there and has no intention of going there. Flora reveals that Justin went there the night before, and Melanie worries that he will die, and a lottery will have to take place. She suggests that the whole family leave Collinwood immediately, but Flora reminds her that their ancestor, William Collins, tried that a generation ago, and the curse still followed them.

Later Daphne dreams of falling in love with Gerard. She wakes up and kisses him passionately. He tells her they will marry that evening and she agrees. Leticia finds her in the hallway and Daphne tells her that she is going to marry Gerard. Leticia tells Quentin and he storms off in a rage. Meanwhile the minister pronounces Gerard and Daphne husband and wife just as Quentin arrives.

Memorable quotes Edit

Gerard: This is only a dream, but when you wake you will realize that this must be, that we will share our lives together... that this dream will come true.

Dramatis personae Edit

Background information and notes Edit

Production Edit

Story Edit

Bloopers and continuity errors Edit

  • When Gerard sees Daphne in the drawing room, and is about to work his magic in her dreams, a crew member can be seen sticking his head around the door at the bottom of the screen.
  • It is stated to have been been three days since Quentin escaped. However, it would appear to have only been two days. As the previous episode indicated a 24 hour period of time elapsing since 1186.

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