Joanna and Daphne



1840 / 1840 PT


Grayson Hall


Sam Hall


Lela Swift


January 18, 1971


January 8, 1971


Complete: Disc 121
Collection 25: Disc 1

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The ghost of Daniel Collins torments Gabriel.

Synopsis Edit

A stormy night on the great estate of Collinwood in 1840, for Daphne has managed to escape from the prison Gabriel has made for her in the east wing. But her escape is in a series of secret corridors to which she can find no end. And she knows that Gabriel is after her.

Daniel Collins appears to Gabriel and torments him and he falls to his death. Daphne is able to escape. Joanna gives Quentin and Daphne her blessing to be together. In parallel time Julia Collins tells Kendrick Young (Stella's brother) that his sister left Collinwood. Daphne and Quentin get trapped in parallel time.

Memorable quotes Edit

Daphne: I have no idea where I am or how to get out of here! For all I know I've just been going around in circles.

Joanna: I know now that the past is dead, and that I can't relive it.

Dramatis personae Edit

Background information and notes Edit

Production Edit

Story Edit

Bloopers and continuity errors Edit

  • Actress Lee Beery flubs her line as she enters the fishing shack telling Quentin, "Joanna's safe! Guess what? Daphne's safe! She's safe at Collinwood!"
  • In the credits Louis Edmonds is credited as Ghost of Daniels Collins

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